Smart region

A hub for the development and adoption of smart technology.

The Stavanger region is a hub for the development and adoption of smart technology.
The Greater Stavanger region is the energy capital of Europe; it has the status of a European smart city lighthouse (one of 24 cities in Europe); and it was the birthplace of the Norwegian Smart Care Cluster for welfare technology. Furthermore, the region has a high level of digital service development and provision, due to its high-speed digital infrastructure (more and more households now have 1GB in/out).

The Stavanger region is regarded as one of the most innovative regions in Norway; for ten years in a row it has been recognised as the best business region in Norway (NHO); and it has a tradition of close cooperation amongst businesses, academia and the public sector. 

The region promotes a high degree of knowledge-transfer between sectors and areas of business, such as subsea to space, space to health, offshore to onshore services.

The Stavanger Triangulum consortium consists of the Municipality, Lyse AS (the energy provider and owner of the fiber ICT infrastructure), The University of Stavanger with research partner IRIS and the big data CIPSI centre, the Greater Stavanger Economic Development association and the Rogaland County Council with partner Kolumbus, the public transport company.

As a Smart City Lighthouse through the Triangulum project, a significant impact in the wider context has been achieved beyond the scope of the project. Stavanger Municipality has high ambitions for smart city development and has agreed on a roadmap for the smart city to foster its three main drivers; technology, cross-sector cooperation and citizen engagement. A smart city officer has been appointed and a smart city office has been established. Stavanger hosts the largest Smart City event in the Nordics, the Nordic Edge Expo, which takes place annually in September.. The ambition of Nordic Edge is to be the Smart City accelerator, putting the Nordic region on the global map as a vibrant & vital region where innovative solutions for a smarter, safer, greener and better world are fostered.
The Stavanger region is well known as the energy capital of Europe, but it is also evolving into a greener and more sustainable.The strategy of Stavanger is based on long-term development with respect to environmental issues, diversity, public health and societal security and a long tradition of citizens involvement. For example: Nordic Edge Smart City Innovation Cluster, the official Norwegian Innovation cluster on Smart Cities and Communities; The Norwegian Smart Care Cluster on welfare technology and the Norwegian Tunnel Safety cluster are located in Stavanger. Since 2009 Stavanger has been a member in the Covenant of Mayors, and coordinates its environmental and sustainable actions accordingly.

Lyse AS is a Norwegian industrial group operating within the fields of energy and fibre-based broadband. The Group, which is owned by the 16 municipalities in the Stavanger region, began operations in 1999 but it’s roots extend back over a century. Today the Group is a substantial national operator within renewable energy (hydroelectric) and has established itself as the national leader within fibre-optic broadband, enabling pioneer solutions in content distribution and smart solutions for homes and mobility
Established in 2004, The University of Stavanger (UiS) is Norway’s fifth university. UiS has 12,000 students and 1,600 faculty, administration and service staff. In constant collaboration and dialogue with its surroundings regionally, nationally and internationally, UiS enjoys an open and creative climate for education, research, innovation, dissemination and museum activities. UiS has an innovative and international profile and is a driving force in knowledge development in the field of societal change.

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